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Contributions to the Collection:

The collection of Historic Central School includes pictures, documents, books, artifacts, captured oral histories and archives relative to the history of Lake City, Iowa, and its surrounding trade area with emphasis on educational institutions, businesses and the lifestyles of our ancestors. Completeness of provenance and the condition of the item will be of prime importance in accepting acquisitions.

We welcome contributions of items for preservation and display which meet these criteria. Persons having such items which they would like to see preserved for future generations are encouraged to contact us. Every effort will be made to preserve them and to give appropriate credit to their origin.

“That old thing” gathering dust in your attic or basement just might have an interesting story to tell.


Financial Contributions:

Providing a safe, secure, comfortable and attractive “home” for these “gems of our past” requires resources for heat, lights, insurance, supplies and maintenance. You are encouraged to honor the colorful past of Lake City and environs through monetary contributions to enable us to “keep the doors open” and continue our work.

Donations should be made to Central School Preservation, Inc., 211 N. Center Street, Lake City, IA 51449

If you have questions contact us at 712-464-8639 or email at centralschool@windstream.net


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